Sunday, October 28, 2012

With the Wild Winds

On her recent visit my five year-old granddaughter told me that she had learned a song which she would like to sing to me. Full of confidence, she launched herself into this little song, both simple in the truth of its message, and charming in the directness of its words. Translated it goes like this:

Now I'm going my own way
fearlessly and far away
I might come back, but it won't be soon
I'll see where the pathway winds

Over valley, over hill 
wandering always, wandering still 
under the sun and under the moon
with the wild winds 

And in Dutch:

Nu ga ik mijn eigen gang

ik ga ver weg ik ben niet bang
ik zie wel waar ik heen zal gaan
ik zal de weg wel vinden

Over bergen over dalen

moet ik lopen moet ik dwalen
onder de zon en onder de maan
met de wilde winden


  1. I'm glad you like it too. I'm sure you'll find your own tune when you sing it with your own precious little one. She'll know the way :)

  2. as awesome as the first time I read it..... xx

    1. ..thank you so much... hugs ♥