Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The spiral weaves the winding path
the dance begins with sacred tread
from field and meadow, home and hearth
the feet are led.

They gather on the cold hillside
in winter silence, winter sun
they dance along the winding form
they dance alone, they dance as one.

All seasons flow into the earth
all seasons flow into the land
they dance through lives
they dance through time
and each beginning is an end.

But endless is the winding path
and timeless are the feet that tread
and silent is the loving earth
on the lone hillside.

Artwork by Valerianna - RavenWood Forest - Massachusetts


  1. This poem portrays the universal spiral movement in nature and life with rhythm of words and the imagery of dance. The poem creates a trance like feeling that reflects the inexorable and endless cycles in life. The spiral is an archetypal design imbedded in human consciousness. It is also inherent in nature where we see spirals in so many places - the shape of the galaxies, the vortices of wind and water, the intertwining genetic material hold information of our biological form, the shape of many shells, and on and on. There is something within nature itself that underlines its power. And it is more than a simple repetition or an indication of origin and outward flow from our Source. The spiral reveals the dynamism of polarity in creation. The Chinese Yin and Yang symbol reflects this. The Buddhist and Hindu Swastika, a stylized spiral, represents the origin of things from the Source, and its right angles reveal that once creation occurs it is guided by an immutable principle. The movement of the universe is truly a magnificent dance. Thank you Emma for this wonderful poem!

  2. I really love what you say here, Joseph! You took the dance further for in your writing I can feel the cadence of the spiral's path....thank you!

  3. Thank you Emma for this beautiful knowing of the dance. All creation joins as one in the spiral of ongoing life, of birth and death, the ongoing return again and again.

    1. Thank you, Joss, for being in this Dance with me! ♥