Sunday, July 15, 2018

Could It Be?

Gazing towards the heavens
on a midsummer, star-scattered night
I wondered...

Could it be
that it is not just light
that springs from this land of stars
but life itself?

Could it be
that these pulsing beams of light
are bearers of life's essence
which fills all of space?

Could it then not be
that this life
seeds the whole universe
so that our Mother the Earth
and every star above
swims in a vast cosmic ocean?

Could it be that cosmic waves
of lights and tides and currents
stretch themselves
from star to star?

And that this cosmic life
is the inspiring force
in all the universe... eternal act of creation..
an eternal breaking on the shores
of our coastline world

How inexhaustible
how inescapable then
is the urge to manifest!

I stood there in this starry night
on the shore of space
and in the deepest reverence
it dawned on me
that life is compelled to create
in its striving for completeness.

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