Tuesday, September 12, 2017

At the Still Point of the Turning World

To ‘stand in truth’. What this phrase means will be different for each one of us, for we all have our own personal truth. But beyond this personal truth, we probably feel intuitively that such a place to stand is a place beyond the habitual momentum which pushes us forward, a place which is, in T.S. Eliot’s phrase, at ‘the still point of the turning world’. We feel that this is a place of peace and sanctuary, where it is safe for us to let go of all those chattering voices in us that, perhaps for years, have told us that we are ‘unworthy’, or that we ‘cannot’, or that just give us a feeling that we are ‘not good enough’.

This place where we can ‘stand in truth’ is a place where we can dare to push off from to meet new challenges, even if we feel that our legs tremble with the effort. For this place invests us with the authority of our true Spirit. 
But where is this place to stand? Anywhere where we are, we only need to take one step inside ourselves towards it, and we are there. This is because it is a place where the universe wishes us to be. We only need to show that we are willing to be there, and it will rush to meet us, and allow us to ‘stand in truth.

Painting: The Pilgrim at the Gate by Edward Burne-Jones


  1. Ik heb het verhaal met veel plezier en een innerlijke glimlach gelezen. Zo mooi omschreven en zo zuiver van sfeer. Herkenbaar. Deze plek van ondiscutabele waarheid heeft de last van pijn bij mij weggenomen. Daar keer ik altijd terug voor rust en vrede.

    1. Prachtig verwoord, Mario. Dank je wel! ♥

  2. So beautifully said and expressed! Your words are blissful, peaceful and powerful..thanks always for shining your sacred wisdom Emma!