Saturday, May 7, 2016


In  my
 mind I need only to hear
that soft rush and sigh
of imagined waves at my feet,
feel the wash of wet sand
and hear the harsh cry of sea birds.
In that imagined moment
I am there once more.
I search for her, my eyes straining
in the white light of a thousand morning stars
as the sun strikes sparks from the breakers.
And I wait, and I wait
to glimpse her amazing Otherness.

At times I wonder:
will I see her now?
Although secretly I know the truth:
she will be there somewhere
for she waits for me also.
Patiently she waits
as she has waited for a day,
or a year, or a thousand years,
knowing that I will come,
knowing that our meeting
has already been inscribed
in the fixed patterns of stars,
even though those same stars
are now dimmed by the day’s white light.

How could I not love the sea?
I, a landsman with a mariner’s heart.
How could I not love the very thing
that I know is so dear to her?
How could I not love her true home?
Those secret blue deeps
gave birth to her,
and to me also; but for that
I must journey further back in time:
much further, to a world of silence
and ancient corals, and the beginnings of us all.

Her amazing Otherness fills my life,
fills my heart, as I have chosen her,
as she has chosen me,
for I have as my wife
The Woman from the Sea.


Written for me by my dear husband David
to commemorate our 30th wedding anniversary
Today, 7th May, 2016



  1. Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie trouwdag en wat een geweldig mooi cadeau van je geliefde! Na dertig jaar nog steeds diepe liefde, dat is bijzonder!
    Groet, Hannah

    1. Dank je wel, Hannah, voor je felicitaties en je lieve woorden!

  2. Wat een prachtig kado! Wat zijn jullie toch goed saampjes. Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie samenzijn. Jullie zijn rijk samen. En gelukkig maar met alles dat jullie voor de kiezen krijgen. Dikke kus

    1. Dank je wel, lieve schat, voor je lieve woorden en felicitaties. Zo fijn dat jij er bent!