Saturday, December 12, 2015

God's Daughter

I am in love with God’s daughter.
She smiles at me in the glancing sunlight through the trees
She smiles at me in the tender thrust of an opening bud
She whispers to me from within the perfect singing of the small birds.
She loves me always.

I whisper: why does no one know your name?
I whisper: why are your tales not told?
Why are the stories forgotten?
Why are there no songs?

She sits with me, cross legged
And opens her eyes for me
My heart beating as I gaze into those eyes so soft, so true, so lovely, so loving

She answers me only with her open eyes and says:
You know the tales so true, 
you know the songs so lovely, 
you know the tunes so simple, 
so delicate so precious, 
they are not lost they are not lost, 
they are safe within your unspoken heart.

Safe within the unspoken night, 
the unspoken moon, 
the unspoken dawn,
we await the unspoken love of man.
Do not worry my brave son, my beautiful son, do not worry ..
The unspoken night is upon us and tomorrow dawns the newly spoken day


Song of the Second Wind 
by Samuel Stillmore

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