Friday, January 9, 2015

Many Pockets of Light

Our chaotic world is full of unpredictability, rife with strife and man's inhumanity. And yet there are many pockets of light, of compassion, of many beings who are conscious enough that the inner light within is able to shine through and touch others around them. They are the ones who are creating our new world that is based upon compassion, gentleness, and the sacredness of life. Even in the darkest heart there burns an eternal light that is filled with goodness. The transformation of humanity, of consciousness, is not only for the light bearers but for all, including those that perpetrate the darkness. 

When we show courage in face of fear we spread our light to others. When we express our belief or faith that we are eternal and we cannot be overcome by what the world does to us, that we are much more than the limited and transitory physical form we inhabit, much more than death or annihilation, we radiate our light to others. There is an unconscious acknowledgment that resonates in people around us when we "show our soul" that we are magnificent, powerful and eternal. 

We let our soul light shine and radiate out not by trying to be "good" and acting out those ideals we think are positive but by allowing the intrinsic nature of our inner being to be, unfettered by judgment or opinions. As the world is going through change and transformation we are also undergoing transformation on a individual scale. Our individual transformation becomes a light to those around us, and in turn to those around them, and the power of this ripple effect expands outward and transforms the greater world. 


  1. Joseph, this passage is so moving to read - perhaps because we recognize the truth which it reflects to each of us. I think that you are so right when you say that the way forward is not to do these things too consciously, but just to 'be'. We are who we are, and who we truly are is not reflected in the outer world of causes and opinions, but in what you describe here as our 'intrinsic nature'. Thank you for such a moving and meaningful passage!

  2. Thank you dear Hawkwood your perceptive and sensitive response. Light recognizes light, so the very fact that you are moved shows a recognition of what is already in you! I wrote this a while ago and had quite forgotten about it. When I read it again I was surprised that I had written it! I feel that in writing this I was merely a channel for the words that came to me from a deeper presence. Emma so kindly posted it here on her blog and it seems her posting is very timely considering the recent events in the world.

  3. iI Emma, so beautifully written and poetically expressed! your wisdom and beauty shines through the image you chose too..wonderful
    HUgs and blessings

    1. Hi Victoria, thank you for your warm appreciation. Yes, I did choose this painting to go with the text, but the credit for the text itself goes to my dear friend Joseph, who has in the past and continues to bless me with his wisdom. Hugs and blessings to you too, dear kindred ♥