Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dreaming of an Angel

Last night an angel came to my side. At first I was only aware of a brilliant clear light which seemed to fill the space around me, and with the light came calm, and a sense of trust that all would be well. Then it seemed to me as if the light, although still bright, grew softer, and in this velvet softness a form took shape. The form looked at me with eyes of love, and I understood that she wished me to come with her. Whether she truly spoke to me, or whether I felt her thoughts enter my own I cannot say, but I knew that she had been waiting for the moment when I would open my eyes, see her, and follow her. 

So I was dreaming that I had awakened, and despite the feeling of trust I found myself feeling a little uneasy in this strange waking/dreaming state. Still I followed where the angel led me. I half-walked, half-drifted through fields and along pathways where perhaps I had been before, but had since long forgotten: the half-remembered landscapes of dreams. But because of my lingering unease my own movements were not as fluid as those of my companion of light. Perhaps it was this hesitation which the angel felt, for she urged me to awaken more fully, that although I thought that I was fully awake, my hesitant manner betrayed the fact that I still had a further stage to go.

And so I trusted more, let go more, and realised that my hesitation, and the fear which caused it, was groundless. When I dared to truly look around me a new world was revealed: an intense world full of light and colour, and my feet finally felt firm ground. I no longer needed to half-drift in this world. I could leave my footprints firmly in this place, knowing that it was where I now truly belonged. Knowing that it was a part of me, and that I could freely claim my place there, and that the intensity of all which I saw there was how things truly are, always, as long as I felt total trust.

The angel now took my hand in her own and led me even farther. With all fear gone, and with my presence in that place now fully experienced and accepted, my body became feather-light. I no longer needed to leave my footprints there to know that I was a part of this place. Now I seemed to glide through this new land without effort. But there was one more stage to go through, one more awakening for me to experience. And that was my awakening into my own everyday world. When touched by morning light once more, my dream of the angel stayed with me, filling me with a deep sense of peace and solace. No longer was I dreaming for I woke up - awakened.

Guiding Angel - Tiffany Glass & Decorating Company, circa 1890


  1. Dankjewel voor het delen. Echt prachtig!
    Lieve groet Hannah

  2. Jouw reactie maakt mij ook gelukkig, lieve Hannah ♥

  3. What a beautiful dream.... or was it really a dream? The dream was of an angel... of divine light...however I would like to suggest that this angel is a messenger of one's true Self, and the divine light is the radiance of who you truly are, your own true nature. Thank you for sharing such a transformative dream!

  4. "What a beautiful dream.... or was it really a dream?".......'
    You know me so well, Joseph! Thank you, for standing by me while I am shedding my old skin!

  5. Sweet Emma this is absolutely wonderful. Your life and your descriptions combine so many elements of love and awareness. I do believe that angels exist on both sides of the coin. Even when they leave their smile behind.

    1. Thank you so much, Deborah, for your heartfelt words, bringing a smile to my face!