Monday, September 9, 2013


Like the tide of the ocean
my body just holds its balance
between sea and sky
between worlds
the drum of the wave
almost claims me
but I hold my ground.

Love is the ocean tide 
that tugs and pulls 
then withdraws herself once more
returns to devour the land
leaving behind what no longer interests her
later, like a proud woman,
she slides back once more
in her fluidity.

How dear this ocean is to me
how I yearn for her fierce power 
when I cannot be with her
when she is far from me
Sea, sky, land
and the roar of the breakers
defining her territory with their song
There you can find me
ever again.

It is the motion
which draws me back
each time again
only to leave once more
just like the waves
just like the tides - 
these are the forces which sustain me

My stories are written
in the rise and fall of the waves
which carry the invisible imprint
of my existence
to the far and undiscovered shores
of Love.


  1. The image is amazing in that it appears to be a glowing figure of a woman floating and almost merging with the ocean, her curves echoing the undulating waves! Yet the image is blurred enough that it could be an ethereal spirit. The rise and fall of the waves, the constant motion of the waters reflect the forces that propel them, the winds, the moon, the sun. The waters do not resist at all but humbly obey. Yet the ocean herself becomes a source of dynamic power moving and shaping land and sky. The rise and fall, the incoming and the outgoing are two opposites united in a never ending circle. So much in the universe, in life, reflects such a cycle. It is a beautiful poem that expresses so much mystery and power, and perhaps the mystery and the power are ultimately love itself. Thank you for the poem!

  2. Your comment on "Tides" is so lyrical, Joseph.
    These beautiful lines :
    "The rise and fall of the waves, the constant motion of the waters reflect the forces that propel them, the winds, the moon, the sun.."

    reveal the poet in you.
    Thank you!

  3. to dance so soft with you again, anew inside our space of blue.. your words like sparkles of light dance above me.. in love, through time and time again, our waves ripple out beyond time and space... I love your dance, made anew....

  4. .... for a friend to know the sign and mingle all his soul with mine...(Rumi).

  5. In my journey with Lakota right now, in our merging, we are liquid love dancing in sea of liquid light... I am deep inside the vision of our love now. This morning, upon awakening, I reached back to stretch and saw my wings come up from out of a golden light.. we are liquid love embracing the morning light... It reminds me of this piece... love you