Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Spirit Descends

This, more than any other,
is the moment.
I raise my arms to the skies,
I raise my soul to the mystery
of all that is, and is to come,
and I wait.
I wait in expectation,
my hands open, ready to receive,
my heart open, ready to be filled,
my soul open, ready to be blessed
with the spirit on this, my Pentecost.

O marvelous fire
I beseech you,
fill my hands with gratitude,
fill my heart with your love,
fill my soul with your blessings,
with your sweet burning,
with your flame
which lights but does not sear,
with your incandescent grace.

O sweet mystery
you are my hands filled with gratitude,
you are my heart filled with love,
you are my soul filled with blessings,
you are all my pain, not vanquished,
but made sweet.
You are the arc of heaven
which bends with grace above me,
you are this great ocean
which I stand before
in wondering silence,
You are all that I am:
You are me.


  1. This is such a beautiful poem that deeply touches my heart and soul! The poem is a door that leads us to the eternal realm within. It starts with a prayer, a supplication, but most beautifully it is not a pleading, but an opening of the heart, mind and soul. There is a patient waiting filled with faith and the knowing that it is only possible to receive if we open up, and that we are ready to receive to be filled with light. The final stanza is the one that is the surrendering of the self, where one is utterly open to the divine presence within and here there is the recognition of the oneness of life, that the divine is us and we are the divine, there is a merging of the divine and self, 'You are all that I am: You are me." This is profoundly beautiful.

    1. Joseph, I am touched by your words, for your profound insight in my Pentecost poem. Thank you so much ♥

  2. full of life, inspirational energy and a magical peacefulness and bliss shining through your words. I love this and the beauty emanating from it...pure soulful beauty!
    Hugs my writing is magical!

    1. Thank you, dear Victoria, for being so open to receive what I offer here.
      Much love and hugs ♥