Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mary Magdalene

These days
the handful of silent stars
to which she projects herself
is more than enough.

There was a time
when she aimed for the sun
and love set all alight.
But now her sun is the pain 
that goes on beating down.
Her heart finds no shade
and all is night.

Only for the pale and distant stars
does she now cast a shadow
but even her star-cast shadow mourns:
the sun stops the perfect completion
for which she yearns
here in this place
beneath the silent stars.

But here…
where sky and sea
and stars and alien shore
enfold her in their sanctuary
and winds of grace
dry up the muddy pools once more…

where passing clouds
shut out the face of night
her tearful footprints
mirror boundless light.

Imagined portrait of Mary Magdalene painted by David Bergen.


  1. A beautiful, mysterious poem where the subject, Mary Magdalene, seems to be in pain over a loss, almost a mourning. Is she mourning for the loss of Jesus after his crucifixion or even resurrection? I wonder if the "sun" in the poem is Jesus? What seemed to have inspired her and gave her purpose is now gone and she seems to be left with a great pain. The poem is open and vast as a clear night sky so I'm sure there are many meanings and interpretations, and I think it is this mysterious feeling of not knowing is one of the things that make this poem so beautiful.

  2. I am so grateful for your words here, Joseph.
    You know I am.

  3. David's image is exquisite and the quiet expression of her face seems to radiate the inner silence of heart, the dimension of Spirit. It's truly wonderful. Thank you.

  4. Ah, that is wonderful to hear Joseph. Thank you for your kindness. Your words "the quiet expression of her face seems to radiate the inner silence of heart, the dimension of Spirit" truly touched me.

  5. Joseph, thank you so much for articulating what I wished to express with this 'portrait'.

  6. Dit is echt heel mooi, Emma en David. Vinden jullie het goed als ik er op mijn blog iets over schrijf? Maggy

  7. Ha Mag, veel dank voor jouw waardering. Dat betekent veel voor ons.
    En vanzelfsprekend mag jij hierover schrijven op jouw blog! Ik zal het graag lezen.

  8. Immense, immesurable stilness, yet constant flow like the Universe. She reaches her inner Universe knowing her pain is her blessing.
    I've sunk in your words, I am immersed in the ocean of Divine sorrow which is lit by the Sun of joy.
    David & Emma ...thank you for the bliss you're bringing.

    1. Dearest Rajna, your words bring tears to my eyes and touch my heart so deeply... thank you, dear friend.

  9. A beautiful and heartfelt tribute to the one woman whom Jesus personally touched with His soul and loved more than all His other apostles. I hope you don't mind if I share this with my readers, Emma. Your insight on the relationship between Jesus and His Beloved is truly inspirational.
    Gratitude and Appreciation,
    Author JB Richards
    "Miriamne the Magdala - The First Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series"
    Find out more at:

    1. By all means, dear Jeannie, share my poem.. I know that Mary Magdalene deeply touches your heart too. In my last post The Anointing I describe her story and her great love even more ..