Thursday, April 11, 2013

Closer Than Our Breath

Closer Than Our Breath

Are we seekers looking for love, happiness, peace or truth?
Know that all that we seek already exists
Here, in our hearts of hearts.
Let the seeking stop – let us be still,
Let us enter the realm of Silence and realize
True fulfillment and perfect oneness.

By seeking we are only affirming lack
And creating a wall thwarting vision.
Let's stop the search
Let’s call it off and let it go,
And instead, look with the fresh eyes of a new born,
To see without layers of thought, as clear as sunlight,
To see with an open heart as vast as the summer sky,
So we may know that the truth of birth and death
Is closer than our breath

We have sculpted what we wish for into objects,
Things to attain, realize, grasp, and make our own.
In doing so our search is no longer true, our compass awry,
Blind to the truth of who we are.
And who we are is pure awareness itself,
The very source of peace, love, bliss and truth.
We do not need to become, evolve or transform into something else,
But simply to be in our truest essence,
To uncover what is already here,
And if we believe otherwise let us then awaken
From our fitful dreams.

Formless, pure awareness cannot be defined,
Whatever definition or label one may place upon it can never be true.
It cannot be touched
By anything manifested in form, thought or feeling.
It is infinitely pure, infinitely free,
Unbound by space and time,
Self-knowing, self-illuminating, bliss itself.
Without it nothing can be created  
It is the Source, 
The Mother of All.

Yet it is not its creation, but creation is within it
For all exists within pure awareness,
Arising and dissolving within her bosom.
Follow its thread and we’ll discover that
It Is closer than our breath.

Picture by Noell Oszvald

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