Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Walking Toward the Mystery

I am walking toward the mystery
And I am walking slowly
I am in no hurry anymore
For I see both the known
And the unknown
My judgment is sound
And my aims are true

I feel my feet
When I am walking the silent watch
But if you need to cross a river
And it seems too hard to do
Then call on me
And I'll gather my strength
We’ll find a way

Let me tell you something
For I see doubt in your eyes
...believe me, my dear child
That now I am old,
I finally see that
Mine is the dark night
And also the moon

And when glimmering pathways
Appear on the river
My boat just follows
Life is that simple

Now I am walking toward the mystery
And I am walking slowly.

Painting by Richard T. Scott


  1. What a beautiful poem! It speaks to me personally on so many levels of being. I see a lady who has discovered a quiet power within, a hidden treasure. The outer world changes. Bodies bloom in youth and then age. Good and bad follow each other. There is both light and dark. "Mine is the dark night, And also the moon." In the midst of all that change she is in touch with the formless dimension of Being. She has found her Self. "I see both the unknown and the known." She is in no hurry as she knows the destination is already there within her, and she is walking ever deeper into life's mystery. Marvelous!

  2. Such a deeply moving poem! A total reconciliation with life, with death, dignified by the simplicity that comes with true awareness.

  3. Thank you, Joseph and Hawkwood.

  4. Joseph and Hawkwood have totally captured the essence of this poem. I felt very drawn in by your beautiful, powerful and poignant poem Emma.