Friday, May 4, 2018

An Angel's Sigh

When you sleep I watch you.
The gentle rise and fall, 
and rise and falling of your breath.
And I wish 
I could kiss the softness that lives inside you.
That hope which has feathers and wings, 
that flies into things I cannot. 
Like dreams and young countries. 
All that lives beyond the borders of my being. 
A place to which I have no passport 
but your breath.. 
your gentle breath..
it breaks here on my arm
like a fog it flows around my form 
and I will kiss that while I can.
Because tomorrow, 
who knows what breathes in 

Painting "Finding Psyche" by Edward Burne-Jones


  1. So deeply stirring and beautiful..the sacred power of breath! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous poem and lovely image! Soulful and beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your kind appreciation, my dear friend and kindred spirit. ♥♥♥