Saturday, February 11, 2017

What the Earth Mother Said to Me

Be in awe of the world around you.
It is a living, breathing organism 
fit not only for human habitation
but for the sustenance of all life, 
whatever form it takes.
Remember that all life is sacred;
we are all 

Treat all with respect
and look for divinity in all things.
It is there 
even if it is not obvious
to the naked eye.
close your eyes
open your heart
and you shall find it.

Feel it. Live it. Be it.
The “multiverse" is truly within you
and all else that exists.
In the all-encompassing light of divinity
all is sacred
all is loved
all is One.
Respect all things.

Nature is your greatest teacher 
second only to yourself.
Do not harm either. 
The spirits of this place
will help and guide those 
who but ask. Let them be
your teachers, not your deities.
In return for wisdom they ask only 

Your intuition speaks truth.
Listen to it and do not be deceived
by the false truth of words.
The path to enlightenment 
honors peace.
We are caretakers only; we cannot "own"
the land and the sky.
It is not ours for the taking, 
yet it "belongs" to us
as we "belong" to it.

When Mother Earth is injured, 
all her children feel the pain.
She is a temple to life - she is life.
Feel the universal heartbeat that she holds. 
It is up to us to heal her, 
heal ourselves, 
just because we are here.

Live harmoniously together.
Take only that energy which you need 
to survive and return, replenish it in kind.
Cultivate balance and harm none.
All that you do 
shall be returned to you.
All is sacred. 
All is One.
Such is the Law.

Photo: Edward S. Curtis - 1923


  1. I am wonderfully and utterly stunned by your poem! Truly profoundly beautiful with the poem's simplicity and power! It is a sublime prayer from the Soul of the Universe coming through your voice and reaching out to all of us. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Joseph, for such a heartfelt response.I am truly touched by your words. ♥♥♥

  2. Hi Emma, I loved every single word of this gorgeous and empowering poem! Truly beautiful, powerful and deeply sacred.. shine on! Namaste my friend! Thank you for shining your light and sharing your spirit.