Sunday, June 19, 2016


Who, upon their entry to the world,
can look up and know
that their mother is so beautiful?
Who in the light of day
can look up and see
their mother's arching form
fill all of heaven's mystery?
Who, when the great Disk voyages
in its night barque below the world,
can gaze at their mother's darkness
and see how it has filled with endless stars
a lapis heaven-cloth unfurled?

I, who wonder at the beauty of my Mother
also tread the ground that is my Father:
every valley, every dune and every stone
is part of Him, who wed the heavens
and gave me life, but not for me alone.
Mother Sky and Father Earth:
your daughter greets you, and gives thanks
to you who gave her and her husband birth.

I would be worshipped!
I would be glimpsed by mortal eyes
I would be seen for who I truly am:
daughter of earth and heaven's starry skies
a goddess, god-begotten,
and not just this alone:
wife to my husband,
sister to my brother,
giver of new life,
immaculate mother,
trembling young bride,
wise and venerated crone:
I am all these
and many another.

Woven symmetries of form
beget their own reflected love
the hawk's wing flutter of the Soul
greets the incandescent Spirit dove
Heaven and Earth, in brief conjoining fire
emit the spark that captures life within
as hawk and dove release the gods' desire
and new worlds from an old world order can begin.