Sunday, May 22, 2016


In the thin air of morning
I speak with sweet sounds
drawn from all the
unknown murmurs
that yesterday were left
at the waves' edge

Listen to what I release
into the morning:
each tone
another story:
unearthly tableaus
shards of myths
and ancient voices
echo over the shore

I am the daybreak
my slender body
born from the sea
my flute now whispers
and then cries out
for her:
my other self
who stayed behind
among the waves
having no desire
to be tailless

Now at each sunrise
and again at sunset
I make my flute speak

I know the night is near
when my eyes colour
from meadow green
to the deeper green
of the waves

I shiver
while my heart listens
waiting, ever waiting
for my love
in the light
of the silent moon

Sculpture:  La Sirène by Camille Claudel


  1. Oh Emma, how beautifully you have called forth her heart.

    1. Thank you, dear Joss...this is the song of my own yearning heart, a heart that tells me that you too know of this yearning!

  2. How much bitter-sweet longing is expressed in these deceptively simple lines! The rhythm of the days and nights, of the tides, of the heart's questing, and ultimately of the soul's longing to be reunited with the spirit: all are expressed here. Beautiful, Emma.

    1. Thank you so much, dear David, for such a deep understanding of my words. And yes, there will always be the rhythm of the heart's questing and the soul's longing that make me sing my songs.

  3. Mesmerizing energy, peaceful beautifully expressed...deeply gentle and magical! Your poetess spirit is always shining with such light! I leave here transformed!
    Hugs my kindred -sister

    1. Thank you so much, dear Victoria, for such a heartfelt understanding of my words. I love it when we align in our thoughts and the joy of heart is shared. Hugs to you too, dear kindred-sister!

  4. Exquisitely beautiful dear Emma! There is such an aura delicate mystery. I can feel your deep connection with the ocean in your words, the ocean of consciousness, feelings, and emotions filled with many unspoken stories yet to be told! Thank you for gracing us with your words!

    1. Dear Joseph, thank you for such sweet words. Yes, as you so truly say.. the ocean is Unity and to stand on the shore is for me always an invitation towards that Unity.