Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Inner Feminine

Sophia, who, personifying the wisdom of the soul, brings the deepest meaning of the Self into our everyday life. Sufis are known as “God’s spies” for they see into the hearts of people where the real mystery and meaning are hidden. Ibn ‘Arabi described Sophia as “an image raising its head from the secrecy of the heart.” She connects us with our own divine nature and so allows us to see the inner purpose hidden within everything. Within all of creation is a hidden message reminding us of our real home, for everything - every leaf and stone - sings the song of its creator. 

Through her ears we can hear this sublime song, through her eyes we can see the face of Divinity reflected in every sky and every street. Her greatest wisdom is the way that she beckons us into the beyond. In her highest emanation she is the Divine Sophia, the feminine aspect of the Higher Self. Our union with her is a merging into our own mystery:

Dearly Beloved!

I have called you so often and you have not heard me.
I have shown myself to you so often and you have not seen me.
I have made myself fragrance so often, and you have not smelled me,
Savorous food, and you have not tasted me.

Why can you not reach me through the object you touch
Or breathe me through sweet perfumes?
Why do you not see me? Why do you not hear me?
Why? Why? Why?

For you my delights surpass all other delights,
And the pleasure I procure you surpasses all other pleasures.
For you I am preferable to all other good things,
I am Beauty, I am Grace.

Love me, love me alone.
Love yourself in me, in me alone.
Attach yourself to me,
No one is more inward than I.
Others love you for their own sakes,
I love you for yourself.
And you, you flee from me.

Dearly beloved!
You cannot treat me fairly,
For if you approach me,
It is because I have approached you.

I am nearer to you than yourself,
Than your soul, than your breath.
Who among creatures
Would treat you as I do?
I am jealous of you over you,
I want you to belong to no other,
Not even to yourself.
Be mine, be for me as you are in me,
Though you are not even aware of it.

Dearly beloved!
Let us go toward Union.
And if we find the road
That leads to separation,
We will destroy separation.
Let us go hand in hand.
Let us enter the presence of Truth.
Let it be our judge
And imprint its seal upon our union
For ever.


from: "Catching the Thread" by Llewellyn-Vaughn-Lee, published by The Golden Sufi Center

Painting: Divine Light by Arild Rosenkrantz


  1. Dearest Emma...this is absolutely beautiful. I love the teachings and the poetry equally, as well as, the painting attached. Each time I read this I appreciate it more and more and identify with it more and more. Much appreciation to you for sharing this fine art.

    1. I am truly grateful for your heartfelt response to the Inner Feminine, dearest Deborah and very happy that the text seems to resonate so well with you. Thank you, dear friend.