Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hearing Secret Harmonies

All existence is energy, and all energy emits vibrations. If we attune ourselves we become aware of these vibrations, perhaps very subtly or in a more obvious way. But to which of these ‘transmissions’ do we choose to attune ourselves?

We live in restless times, with distractions on every side. Even when on vacation in some far-from-home place, we probably have checked the booking brochure beforehand (online, of course!) to make sure that wifi is available for our laptop, tablet, smartphone or whatever mobile device we might take with us. These are the energies of the technology with which we have chosen to surround ourselves: energies which we ourselves have created, and which we tune in to. They might be the energies of our contemporary material existence - but these are not the energies to which our soul listens.

The explorer Marco Polo travelled along the Silk Road far from his native Venice to reach China and discover foreign wonders then unknown to the West. We ourselves might not travel to the court of Kubla Khan, but we can be ‘far from home’ even when we are sitting at home in our own familiar surroundings. It is our soul that seeks for and recognizes something beyond these things: a song which radiates on a higher, more pure frequency, a resonance which, when we hear it, tugs our being towards it, perhaps subtly but always very surely. This resonance awakens a longing: the longing of the soul for home, for its original state.

We in our turn transmit what we receive, what we are open for. If we only attune ourselves to the unrest around us, then unrest is what we ourselves transmit – and that just creates even more unrest, both in ourselves and in our surroundings. It is when with our being we sing the song of the soul that a harmony is created: a harmony that is both new and as old as the earth. The song might be silent, even secretive, but it is still heard on many different levels in many different ways: a harmonic chord to which all that hears it responds and vibrates in sympathy, an ever-growing song of the soul that draws us towards our true home.

Silk Road by Tang Wei Ming


  1. What a wonderful blog! The phenomenal world, the word of form, is not as solid as it appears to our senses as Emma points out. Our entire universe is vibrational. Even rocks at a molecular level are performing an amazing song and dance! If only we had the eyes to see and ears to hear. If all things are vibrational then thoughts and emotions are also vibrational. Thoughts especially when believed in become the basis of our judgments, opinions and the paradigm of our perceived reality. If thoughts are vibrational then they would indeed interact with our bodies and the world around us creating an interplay of vibrational energies. Are they harmonious and uplifting or are they discordant? “It is when with our being we sing the song of the soul that a harmony is created: a harmony that is both new and as old as the earth.” I love this statement! When we connect deeply with who we are, at the core of being, we can create true harmony. We also resonate to music and I think we resonate to certain music often times due to what is within us. Music can heal, help us to release, or uplift us. It can also lead us to a place of silence within us where we can hear the secret harmonies. Thank you for the blog Emma.

  2. And what a wonderful comment, Joseph! I am so grateful for the way in which your words both add to and enhance my own. And I can only agree with what you say about music and its power to heal!! Thank you ♥

  3. So beautiful my friend! yes it is that invisible sound..that sacred song that carries us home...each thread we follow..the sound of light.
    HUgs and Blessings to you for shining your inspiring magic to all.

  4. Thank you, dear Victoria, for such comforting and encouraging words, but the inspiration works two ways. As you know I love to listen to your own song as well!