Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Light of Pure Consciousness

The Light of Pure Consciousness 
Dive deep into the ocean of being
Enter the temple of Stillness
Through the silent gateway
Between thoughts

Examine the ‘I’ and its entourage:
Sensory perceptions, feelings, 
thoughts, concepts, beliefs
Hold them, one by one
In the mirror of the inner eye
And ask
“Where do you come from?
Where do you go?
Are you who ‘I’ am?
And if you choose to vanish
Do ‘I’ remain?”

Dissolve all things
Completely and utterly
Into nothingness
Then ask
“Who am I?”

All will fall away
Only the One shall stay
It is
Before thought
Before form
Before time itself
Luminous, self-sufficient and untouched

The phenomenal world arises from nothingness
And returns to nothingness
Each moment
In the light of Pure Consciousness

by Joseph Rundle

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Moon

I am all that you dream.
Mountains of amber and of antimony
shorelines of crystal
more real than all the dusty plains 
and snaking grey rilles of reality.

Adrift in the night
Your dreams are what created me
your dreams formed my every grain:
silver-edged, howl-begotten,
in ancient times eaten by a dragon
I always restored myself:
my triumph gave you the fight 
to do the same.

Once your earth and I were one.
But violence gave birth to me:
tore me away, destroyed our unity.
Now I circle, collecting dreams,
myths, monsters, goddesses,
maidens more beautiful than words,
heroes and hunters of the night.

Neither wolf, nor lover, nor madman
could miss me.
They gaze upon my silver
to howl, or to love,
or to dream with greater passion,
or to take comfort
in the refuge of a small insanity,
or just to go beyond.

I give them wings
I give them longing
I give them my reassuring constancy.
Still a monthly meal for a dragon
I fight my way free.

Painting: Gazing at te Moon by Jan Sam

Tuesday, May 14, 2013



Before you were my daughter come into the world,
before you were even born,
you were promised to the darkness
deep beneath my giving earth.
I never knew
what one brother had promised to another,
I never knew
what great Zeus had promised to dark Hades:
I never knew.

Now you have been taken.
Perhaps a part of you went all-knowing
because your soul already knew
what was necessary:
the abduction of the self
the rape of the soul
the violence which comes with transformation
the violence that is necessary for separation
from me, from your mother.

And so for me begins a new state of being:
A new silence, like no silence I have known.
A trifle: a handful of pomegranate seeds
sealed your fate forever:
my child, you are now in Hades' world
and his realm is not mine. 
I, Demeter, who am mother to the earth itself
have had my motherhood stolen from me.

Now my own earth knows my rage
now the dry soil cracks with grief,
now Autumn has come in Spring:
new leaves wither and die in bud,
birds fall silent, fields lie fallow,
and I, the Mater Creatrix, rule a waste land.

Where are you, my daughter,
living out your shadow life
in the dark lands far beneath my feet?
Do you still live,
or are you now a shade among shades?
Where are you, my changed one?
Where are you, my Persephone? 

Gust of Wind by Lucien Levy-Dhurmer

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Cloud-Hidden

The Cloud-Hidden

I am cloud-cast.
This veil of mists and morning light
conceals my face from your view.
Through closed eyes you will see me
in your wanderings,
in your reverie of thoughts
while you never stir from your room.

Dare to travel far
by never taking a single step
for only by not moving
will you stand a chance of finding me,
only by not moving
can you journey to be with me.

I, who desire nothing
am all that you have ever desired
I, whom you will never see
am all that you have ever seen.
I am hidden for your sake.
My beauty
would make you afraid.
My beauty
is more than you could stand.
My beauty
would make you cry
were you ever to look upon my face
as would my love for you.

So why should you journey
to find me?
Why should you journey
to be with me?
How could I leave you
when I am always with you?
How could I not love you
when I look upon you?

I am hidden in these mists of morning
I am these mists
I am lost among the silent stars
I am those stars
I smile in the sun’s warmth
I am that sun
I am all that you have ever needed
I am you.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

If I Had Something That Was Me To Give

If I had something that was me to give..

If there was one piece of advice that was mine to give because of the life I have lived it would be to merge with all aspects of the Earth.

Merge with a tree and know what it feels like to be a tree, feel your roots go deep touching the roots of the trees and plants around you, know what it feels like to share of yourself in a place no one else can see, yet reflects on the outside world so beautifully.

Merge with the water, run free, talk constantly like a babbling brook, enter into the stillness of the deep, roar like white water rapids, go places impulse leads, trickle down the path of least resistance, throw yourself off of the edge of your world with abandonment, not knowing where you will end up, be the water falling into a new world and discover that even there you are still who you are.

Merge with that which you are scared of, merge with two of those tectonic plates pushing against each other.. opposing views make mountains come forth.

Merge with the volcano and surf the lava to the center of the Earth.

Merge with Thunderbeings and sing their song.   Feel what they feel when their lightning strikes the Earth.  It makes protoplasms upon her body that looks like the roots of a tree going down into the Earth, touching the Crystal people, adding charge to their creativity, to the mathematical reason for their being.  In that moment they are one with the outside world, a portal, a doorway is opened..  Merge with all of her.  Do not be afraid to see what she has to tell you about how it should be.

Do not be afraid to get swept away by emotions that travel in different directions. Be the tornado, and be the beautiful sunset that reveals its face at the end of a tornado kind of day.

Be the seed inside the shell, struggle to break free and become all that you can be…  and when you break free let go of the shell (the memory of being confined) and just be.  Grow like you were meant to grow.  Turn your face towards the light and feel the love that is coming to you. Feel the clouds share their rain with you, the soil share its nutrients… and grow, grow, grow.

When disaster strikes give yourself permission to feel sorrow, but merge with the birds and ask them what they do and they will say, “it is time to rebuild”.  Going forth we find them building a new nest.  We find them singing like they do, gathering food..  They do not just sit and hold their sorrow inside of them for the rest of their lives. They say, ‘We go on. We rebuild.'

All of the rules for how we are supposed to walk through this dimension have been written upon the Earths body. There are many trees that grow in the forest, together in harmony they make sacred sharing of how we should be. All the rules for how to walk here in this world we know were written upon the Earths body.

Merge with the Earth, see the bigger picture, embrace the bigger picture.  Then there is no need for prejudice, for war, for hate.

There are opposites that work against each other, but even they have their place in the grand design.  When the two winds blow against each have a big emotion, but when again you find that other wind is somewhere else, then be the gentle wind that sneaks up and kisses a friend on the cheek..

Merge with the Earth..  if I had one piece of advice to give for guidance, that is what it would be. Merge with the Earth. 

Do not be afraid to hug something different than yourself.

My thanks to Earthen Girl for her permission to repost this post from her blog

Painting The Planting by Sandra Bierman