Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Own Name

My Own Name

I wind myself in braided vines
winds from the sun, and starry fields       
and clothe myself with woven sounds
that a royal child shields.

I seek to pluck the ripest fruit
whose coursing sap runs through my veins
and through the canopy of leaves
I'll sing the colours of refrains. 

Towards the meadowlands I turn
where wild flowers and soaring lark
spread fragrant air and airy song
above the azure lake. 

And I will plant a future glade
in raw grey earth and stable ground
and count the numbered grains of sand
and smooth the stones to pebble-round. 

The streams and rivers I release
to flow towards the mountain crest
where sun and moon will stand as one
and the winged horse finds its rest. 

Then garlanded with mountain songs
of eagle's cry and feathers roan
I touch the sky and voice at last
the name which is my own.

painting: Birth of Venus by Odilon Redon


  1. This is a beautifully lyrical poem that I enjoyed reading immensely. It paints a vibrant almost electric landscape full of colours and sounds. We sense the mystical inner beauty of nature around us. The poem seems to express that this beauty is very much sacred and has a divine intelligence. I love the line "where the sun and moon will stand as one" as this describes the unity of all creation, of all nature. The final line in the poem,
    "I touch the sky and voice at last
    the name which is my own."
    What a beautiful line! When we discover who we truly are, then we will know our true name, not the name that is given to us during our temporary manifestation on earth, nor the names that have been given to us in other countless lives, but our true name. To know this name we must know who we truly are. And who we are is at the very heart of all creation.

    1. Dearest Joseph, this is a very belated, but heartfelt Thank you!!