Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Winter Rose

The Winter Rose

Flowering, immaculate,
the winter rose grows within you.
Your soul, marvelling, articulates its form.
But hush..
wait just awhile
enclose within you
the soft breath of the merciful divine..
and a light will be lit that never dims.
By day it illumines your acts
by night, your dreams.
Feel how the divine love enfolds you.
Rest now secure in her arms
while your angel spreads its wings
above the rose in blessing.

Painting The Visitation by M. Albertinelli


  1. The painting, The Visitation by M. Albertinelli, shows Mary and Elizabeth's bond and love for each other. Both are pregnant - Elizabeth with John and Mary with Jesus. The atmosphere is intimate and ethereal. Their right hands clasp while Elizabeth's arm embraces Mary. The Winter Rose seems to relate to this biblical event somehow. The divine within the women is yet to reveal itself. The poem's winter rose that "grows within..." could well be the divine in Mary that is growing. The poem refers to the inner dimension of the spirit in "soft breath of the merciful divine." The painting seems analogous to the growing awareness of this inner light. And the reference to winter may mean that even in darkness light manifests. Hence even in winter a rose blooms. This poem has gentle beauty and much depth. Thank you for this wonderful poem!

  2. Thank you Joseph, thank you so much.
    ....and for this reason, it blooms! You'll know what I am saying here.