Friday, July 13, 2012

She Wanders the Shore

She wanders the shore
Listening to the waves’ rise and fall
And the sounds of stories
That wash onto this beach
Where she stands

From far lands they have
Ridden the waves
To be with her

Gratefully she stoops
To gather them
Where they lie
Among the shells
And the foams' whiteness
Soon her baskets will be full

She wanders the shore
Listening to the murmurs
And the secret whispers:
All the tales of the world
That drift in with the tide
From the great and giving ocean of stories.

Photo Princess Angeline (Duwamish) in 1896 by Edward S. Curtis


  1. What a beautiful poem. I read this many times and each time it is as fresh as the first. Joseph

  2. Dear Joseph, thank you for your heartfelt appreciation for this poem. You say you read it many times and each time it is as fresh as the first.

    These are the rewards both of reading and writing poetry, that it offers us something fresh each time. The photograph by Edward Curtis of Princess Angelina, the daughter of Chief Seattle, has given me so much inspiration over the years and for me your comment can equally apply to Curtis his photo as to my poem which it inspired.

  3. As I sit here in quietness in my home,
    I feel the pull of this Ancient One to
    listen even more closely to what is
    being shared by the wind with me,
    the past 24 many stories
    being blown into my awareness.
    Much like Princess Angelina, I can
    feel her open 'being,' her heart,
    her spirit, aligned with what is in
    her wanderings. Love's secret
    whispers and stories...ahhh
    what a blessing.
    Perfect for this moment in time
    Dear Joseph has is beautiful poetry.
    P.S. It has been very windy the
    past 24 hours...I've spent a good
    deal of time outdoors, filling myself
    with it's wisdom.